Wednesday, January 21, 2009


...gets the job done! Our two determined six year olds both had loose teeth and they both decided they needed to get them out they did!!! Watch out world, when these two decide they need to get something done there is no waiting around...they get the job done!! And boy, does this mom know it!! :)

Crazy weather!!

What a whip lash in weather we have gotten the last few weeks! First our thermometer dipped to a bone chilling -20F and we thought we could never warm up. Then after two weeks of freezing cold temps the weather decided to do an abrupt change and rose to over 40F! The clouds let loose a lot of moisture and we were hit with very strong winds. The storm lasted for several days with trees knocked down, electricity out for a few hours, and our snow disappeared! What strange weather for mid-January... Our temps have finally gotten back to a nice normal range between 20-30F...after flooding the pond water receded somewhat and is now frozen and great for skating once again...the green grass is showing, and it looks like spring is just around the corner...but we are not to be fooled. We still have many months of winter ahead of us!

Kailee's Golden Birthday

I'm just a little late in updating my blog, but better late than never! We have been celebrating Kailee's birthday the last few weekends! On her birthday which was the 8th, she celebrated with her friend Emerald and they had a girl party complete with dolls, a girl movie, strawberry cake, painting nails, a tea party, and a sleepover. Oh, we had lots of giggling, but they had so much fun! Those little girls are not so little anymore! Almost every year since they were born we have taken a picture of them, have they grown up!

Since we have lots of family around us our kids get to celebrate their birthdays over and over again! So last weekend was the Veldstra birthday gathering and it also included other cousins and an aunt who were having birthdays this month. This coming weekend will be the other side of the family celebrating January birthdays...the fun just keeps going on and on!