Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kids creations

Our kids have always been creative, but they seem to be even more so now.  Homeschool tends to draw out the creative side in kids since they have more time to spend creating.  Our time in the Philippines has given the kids even more time for creative ideas since they don't have any other activities to go to.  So let the creativity begin...
Cardboard, plastic, tape, and string are their supplies of choice.  Cardboard and plastic bags are free, and the tape and string are very cheap.  Amazing how such treasures can provide hours of enjoyment!
Kailee made a hot air balloon and made it fly with a fan underneath.  Ethan and Tyler made an airplane, hoping it would be able to didn't, but looks great hanging from the rafters in their room! Alyssum and Adams each made airplanes as well as small boxes that they decorated.  Ethan and Tyler also made a balloon/parachute.  They throw the parachute high, it unfolds, and gently floats back to the ground.

Boys and the Motorcycle

Ethan and Tyler talked their Dad into letting them learn how to ride the motorcycle on the airstrip.  The airstrip is a 1/2 mile long of beautifully mowed grass.  Perfect for learning to ride with few obstacles and a soft landing if need be.  So far they have managed to keep the bike upright except for once.  Then it was only a slow tip-over when the tires slipped into a harm done to boy or bike!  Ethan is now wishing for a more difficult place to drive, but still enjoys getting on the bike for a cruise on the airstrip.  Tyler is just barely tall enough, but manages to keep the bike upright.  He loves being in control of the bike!  Boys and their big boy toys!!