Sunday, August 8, 2010

A week full...

What a great feeling to come home after a week on the road! But then our very next thought was "this will not be home for long".  That thought is both exciting and sad all mixed together.

We drove up to Wasilla a week ago Saturday, loaded down with camping gear, display table for Sunday speaking, enough clothes for the various things we were doing, and whatever else we couldn't live without.  Loading up for a week was difficult, how are we going to make it packing up to MOVE!?!  I know we will, but some days it just seems monumental!

For our few days in Wasilla we stayed with our friends, Joe and Jennifer Germain and their 7 kids.  It was fun to reunite with them amidst the church speaking appointments, shopping, and cooking for our large crew.

Sunday was our speaking day for Church on the Rock Wasilla and Talkeetna with three services in Wasilla and an evening service in Talkeetna.  We were given 5 minute spots for each service to be able to share what we will be doing in the Philippines, and we also set up our display table which gave people an opportunity to visit with us and sign up for our newsletter.  It was a great day of connecting with many people!  We were exhausted by the end of the day when we finally rolled into the Germains driveway at 11pm, but a rewarding day as well.

Monday and Tuesday were spent hanging out with our friends and doing some shopping for things to take with us to the Philippines.  Wednesday morning we headed to Anchorage for Adams orthodontist appointment...we have been given a two year window before he will need his next surgery.  His appointment was less than an hour, then we stopped at a few stores before getting on the highway once stop, Hidden Lake.

So Wednesday through Saturday we camped at Hidden Lake enjoying the sunshine when it appeared and dodging raindrops in between the sunshine.  Warren and Ellirene Miller and kids joined us Thursday morning, Joe and Jenn and kids came Thursday afternoon, and my dad showed up on his motorcycle Thursday evening. Thursday was a beautiful sunny day and the kids enjoyed some time in the lake.  Riding bikes and hiking on the rocks is always fun too.  For our evening fun we played a game of kickball with kids and adults.  Dough boys over the fire has also become a Hidden Lake camping tradition. 

Friday was wet and soggy.  More tarps went up to make our camping experience more enjoyable!  Playing in the lake, rain or shine was what the kids wanted to do, since I guess the temperature doesn't change a whole lot whether the clouds are dropping raindrops or not.  The kids warmed up by the fire and some played card games to pass the time.  Friday evening the rain stopped long enough for a hike on Burney's Trail to enjoy the view of Hidden Lake and Skilak Lake as the sun was beginning to set.

Thankfully Saturday morning was void of rain as we packed up all our camping gear.  The raindrops just started falling as we rolled out of the campground.  Another summer of camping at Hidden Lake under our belts and maybe this camping trip was cherished even more as moving to the Philippines is right around the corner.  So thankful for wonderful memories of all that we hold dear here in Alaska...those memories will be loved and cherished when we are so far away on an unfamiliar island.  Now back to the packing and finishing up all those last minute items!
Veldstra and Germain kids overlooking Hidden Lake

"Ahhh, mosquitoes are bad!" Except Tyler who had mosquito dope on!
"Ok, hurry up, take that picture quick!!"