Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Alyssum

Alyssum is 7! She had a fun birthday party with her cousin friends, Anneka and Katelyn! The girls had a giggly slumber party!

Mt. Redoubt erupts, over and over!

Mt. Redoubt photos from the Alaska Volcano Observatory website. Photo below taken by Tricia Joy Sadler.

Mt. Redoubt has been erupting for the past couple weeks. The mountain is 120 miles northwest of Homer and has been in the very active stage recently! Most of the winds have not brought ash from Mt. Redoubt's eruptions to Homer, but twice now the winds have brought it our direction. The first time we got a dusting, but this past Saturday we got more than a dusting. The ash plume went 50,000ft into the atmosphere and the winds blew it directly towards Homer and Anchor Point. The skies became dark as night as the ash cloud covered the area and then dumped a good 1/8 to a 1/4 inch of ash. We stayed put in the house for most of the day. Even though the clouds had ceased dumping ash after an hour, the wind kicked up and swirled the ash around for most of the day. The ash creates quite a mess of everything! One of the joys of living in Alaska and so near volcanoes!

The gray snow as the ash was falling on Saturday morning. The hazey sky and haze between the trees is the ash falling.

Ash on top of the white snow and in the footprints from the first dusting of ash.
Ash "dusting" on the shed roof...we have alot more with the most recent eruption!