Friday, July 30, 2010


Steve is 40!!  And my dad, Allen Engebretsen, is now 60!!  We celebrated these milestones in style with about eighty family members and friends.  It was a beautiful wonderfully warm sunny day as we celebrated on the North Fork Homestead.  We have had so many cold rainy days that it was an amazing miracle to have a nice day for our party. What a blessing!
Family and friends visiting around the picnic tables.
Steve visiting with Kevin Moyer

Theresa with her parents who were visiting from Arizona.
Eric driving  and giving the kids a ride in my dad's Willy's Jeep!
Our family celebrating Steve's and my dad's birthdays!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving Sale and Bake Sale

We had a very busy week of finishing up sorting and getting ready for the Moving Sale this weekend.  Kathy came on Wednesday to help get things set up and priced, and then Theresa came on Thursday to do more of the same.  I was so grateful for their help and it made the job a lot more fun!  Wednesday and Thursday afternoon we also did some baking for the bake sale.

Friday morning started bright and early so that I could make fresh hot cinnamon twists for the kids to sell (kind of like a cinnamon roll except twisted dough).  Our Moving Sale went from 9-3 on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday we were very busy with people coming right at 9.  We didn't have very many slow moments on Friday except maybe 10 minutes right around lunch time.  By 3 we were all exhausted and ready to just relax , but the kids had sold out of most of their baked goods so back to the kitchen we went!  We rearranged some of the items for sale and found more things to sell.

Saturday morning started early once again as we wanted more hot cinnamon twists to sell.  The morning started out a little slower, but eventually picked up despite the rain.  Thankfully we had chosen to have an indoor sale so we were able to have it rain or shine.  Although the kids had their bake sale stand outside so they had to put up a tarp when the rain started falling.  We ended up selling most of what we had for sale and the kids did great on their bake sale fundraiser...they made about $140!

The kids' enthusiasm for raising some money to get us to the Philippines was amazing.  Tyler had this idea over a year ago of making a food stand.  Last summer he built a store front and they planned a menu of items to sell.  We had to modify the menu slightly, but they had such a great plan and were wonderful salesmen and women!  All 6 of our kids worked hard and helped out anywhere that was needed...they are such great hard workers.  And we had so much fun doing it together!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Veldstra Family

Recently we celebrated Marcia's 60th Birthday with all of her kids and grandkids present and accounted for!  Many of us will soon be scattered around the globe so we needed to have everyone together one more time.
  Al and Marcia (Steve's parents)
Veldstra kids...Steve, Jason, Irene, Joshua, Jessica
Veldstra grandkids...
(top)Kendrick, Daniel, Atticus, Patrick, (middle)Ann Marie, Rebekah, Cedrick, Adams, Ethan, (bottom)Tyler, Alyssum, Angelena, Anneka, Talia, Kailee
Steve, Stacey, and kids
 Irene and kids...Anneka, Atticus, Angelena
Jason and kids...Patrick, Daniel, Rebekah, Talia
Mike, Jessica, and boys...Kendrick, Cedrick
Joshua and BreAnn
Thanks Joshua for the great family photos!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Village VBS

Ethan is off helping with Village VBS(Vacation Bible School) in two Alaskan villages for two weeks.  He also went last summer and thoroughly enjoyed his time out in the villages with the kids, helping the Buckwalters, and getting to fly in a small plane!  So since he enjoyed it so much, he gladly volunteered for this summer as well!
Last week they taught VBS in the village of Perryville.  Ethan was a few days late as he and Dan Buckwalter got caught here in Homer with bad weather.  Ethan had his bag packed by Saturday evening, but they didn't get to fly out until Thursday morning.  The wait was a little difficult for all of us, but Ethan did great at finding things to do around here until that phone rang!

This week Ethan is in the village of Pilot Point.  Helen said they have ten kids joining them each day...that ought to keep them hopping!  We look forward to hearing Ethan's stories when he returns...hopefully by the end of the week!  Please be praying they have good weather to fly home!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hidden Lake in June

Every summer we embark on our annual camping trip to Hidden Lake!  It is a highlight of the year and the memories are talked about for the entire year.  Hidden Lake is a beautiful camp ground in the mountains up near Skilak Lake.  We usually make one trip to Hidden Lake in a summer, but this year we decided to go in June as well as July.

So a couple weeks ago we loaded up our aging camp trailer with sleeping bags, tents (for the kids), backpacks of clothes, a couple small inflatable boats, bikes, and plenty of food!  As you can imagine the poor trailer was bulging and threatening to collapse on the drive up the road.  We love our trailer even though it has seen better days!  It began it's life some 35 years ago...but the price was right and we sure enjoy using it for our camping adventures.

My dad and mom came along to camp with us, and Omega Weisser also got to join in the fun.  It was a memorable weekend of spending time with grandparents for the kids.  Isn't it amazing when time is short with those you love, you value that time even more?  (Hard to believe we are moving to the Philippines in two shorts months.)

We had lots of fun riding bikes, playing a game of kickball, taking walks, playing on the water in the boats, and plenty of eating around the campfire!  Evenings are long as the sun never seems to set, but gives us plenty of time to laugh and play!