Monday, May 4, 2009

What a haircut!

Alyssum has been contemplating getting her hair cut alot shorter, but up until now has not wanted to. Her waist length hair was certainly her pride and joy. Our deal was as long as she could take care of it, I didn't mind it being so long. She always did a great job of keeping it brushed and was good about having her long hair braided before she went outside to play. Long hair though can be rather challenging in the summer for such an active girl! Anyways, she decided it was time to cut her hair and donate it for kids with cancer. We are sending her long ponytail to Wigs for Kids
This is how long her hair was before the haircut...down past her waist...

The ponytail and haircut...
The finished, her head is so much lighter!Alyssum loves her new hair and is so excited not to have so much hair to brush and take care of! She is so pleased to send her hair away to kids that need it...and maybe she will do it again since her hair grows so fast!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer is here!

At least it feels that way here in Homer, Alaska...our temps have reached over 60 this weekend! Feels like a heat wave has hit, especially after our cold summer that we had last summer. We are all hoping it is not a cruel joke of spring and this will be our week of summer...if it is, it might just be time to head to warmer climates!! We had our first picnic in our yard earlier this was a little chilly by the time evening rolled around, but fun anyway...the beginnings of summer!

The box of sandals and crocs emerged as did the scrambling to find shorts and capris...whew, what do we do with such warm days! All the kids slept out in tents on Friday night and then spent all day Saturday running and playing in the yard, with a little work and spring clean-up thrown in for f
un. Everyone had rosy red cheeks and arms by days end. No one wanted the day to end and kept hoping for more adventures in the sun, but the day had to come to an end as we put away tents, sleeping bags, jump ropes.... Saturday night showers and dinner made everyone sleepy and by 8 o'clock five of six kids were dragging themselves off to bed. No one realized how much they had worn themselves out! We are looking forward to more summer days!

Something we have to deal with this summer is the ash that we are left with from Mt. Redoubt dumping on us in April. The rain has washed some of it into the ground, but there is still plenty on top of the ground. One stroll across the lawn and your feet are covered in a gray layer of ash...each step you take, a small ash cloud erupts around your feet! At the end of the day when the kids come in from playing, Adams in particular looks like he has rolled in chalk as he is covered in ash from his head to his toes. Thank goodness water doesn't cost anything!

Now that it is May, school is winding down although we still gotta push to finish. It gets harder this time of year to keep plugging away at school especially when the warm summer air is calling us! The kids have completed some subjects and will be finishing up as the month goes along. Another end of the school year tradition is piano recital for thos
e that are taking lessons. This year Ann Marie, Ethan, Tyler, and Kailee will all be participating in the recital mid-May.

Steve and Ann Marie completed the EMT course with flying colors a couple weeks ago! They both did very well on their EMT practical test and are still waiting the results from t
he medical test. They are now certified ETT's and can go on emergency calls. The EMT course was alot of work, but they both enjoyed the challenge and the knowledge they gained from the experience.

We are looking forward to a summer of picnics, camping, gardening, working, and playing!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tea time...

Two little girls love having tea for two or sharing with friends! Today they shared tea with their dolls, Molly and Kaya...