Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sabang-Underground River

Okay, so I took a LONG break from blogging and it is long past time to start up again!  Sorry to my regular readers for my long absence, but now we have faster internet so I should be able to do a better job of keeping my blog updated.  So back to where I left off...

For the last part of my parents visit to Palawan we took them on a two hour van ride to Sabang and the Underground River.  We took Steve's parents to Sabang earlier in the year and were not thrilled with the place we stayed, so thought we would see if we could find something a little better.  But we found that the accommodations in Sabang are either high price for a very nice room, or low price which matches the room...nothing in between!  Oh well, we can make do for one night.

Despite the accommodations, the beach is beautiful and the Underground River is an amazing experience!

 To get to the Underground River from Sabang we travel by pomboat for about 20 minutes to get across the bay to the entrance to the river/cave.

 We gingerly pile in a 12 person canoe with a guide to take us into the Underground River.  The river goes for many kilometers inside the cave, but we only travel for 1.5 kilometers into the cave.  The cave is full of bats flying over head...thank goodness for the hard hats!
 What a fun experience and a beautiful place!