Thursday, July 17, 2008

Church Family Camp

What could be more fun than a whole bunch of people getting together to camp and enjoy the outdoors? We spent three days at Family Camp over on the Engebretsen Homestead. (The homestead was my Grandparents place when they moved to Alaska. It has now been handed over to their children and it is at my parents place that we have the family camp) There were about 80 people that camped out and more that showed up each day for the activities. The weather wasn't great, but we only got rained on breifly Sunday morning. The activities for everyone included target shooting with 22's and BB guns and clay pigeon shooting with shot guns...that kept the men and boys busy for 3 hours! Tyler got third place with a 22.
There was tie-dying and swirl stones...the kids made LOTs of beautiful rock pictures with hot rocks and melted was a great activity for a camp fire! The kids and adults had alot of fun playing many games of horseshoes. Horse rides for the younger kids was a highlight. River rafting was the main event for the older boys...what could be more fun than playing Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and guiding a raft down the river?! Some of the younger kids got to join the fun and hitch a ride down the river.

Amidst all the fun activities there was plenty of time for sitting around the campfire and visiting with family and friends! Each evening we had a special speaker for campfire time and then on Sunday we had church in the big shop.
After church Steve baptized Ethan and Tyler in the river...a little chilly, but what great memories!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So here's a few pictures of all the fun we have been having the last couple weeks!
We had a fun 4th of July complete with a cruise on the motorcycles after the kids were all tucked in bed. (with Ann Marie as appointed baby-sitter!) Jenn, Joe, Steve and I got to enjoy the late evening out on a drive to the Spit. We all enjoy riding so much! Joe and Jenn on Steve's Honda Shadow.
Our picnic over on the Anchor River on the Engebretsen Homestead. The kids always have so much fun playing in the river and nothing beats having a picnic beside the river. Kailee(7), Ethan(12), and Brian(7) beside the river. Tonia picking flowers.

Happy 4th of July...we spent the day playing around the house for the morning then off to town to enjoy some of the activities. We made a stop at the Islands and Oceans Visitor's Center for some hands on experience in the Discover Lab. The kids got to hold crabs and learn about lots of other ocean life. We then made a stop at the Old Car Show and of course everyone had to vote on their favorite old car. Grandpa's truck is usually the favorite. Since it was such a cold and rainy day we made a detour by the coffee shop and treated all the kids to a cup of hot chocolate...they were so delighted with their own cup of hot chocolate and especially since it looked just like mom and dad's cup of coffee!!

Next stop was the BBQ in downtown Homer with free hot dogs and chicken sandwiches for everyone! It was a little chilly, but we didn't get rained on although it looked like it might. After eating we found our spot along Pioneer Ave. to wait for the parade. The last few years we have been a participant in the parade so this year it was fun to just watch.

Tonia (11) and Uncle Steve always having fun!
...Meghan's 4th birthday and we made homemade ice cream! The kids declared the ice cream was the best they had ever had!! Joe with Ethan, Lil' Tyler(5), Joziah(9), Brian, Samking(7), and Big Tyler(9).