Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer's end...

Summer is over, the leaves are changing color and falling, and school has started! We have two weeks of school behind us and are getting into a good groove. I love teaching my kids and the time that I get to spend with them is priceless.

The past month has been very full with lots of summer's end activities. Steve's Aunt Joan and Uncle Jim from Arizona came up for a two week visit. My kids spent many hours fishing while they were here...and loved every minute of it! Several days of getting up at 4:30 in the morning to catch that elusive silver salmon in the Anchor River. I wish for all of them they could have caught more, but they sure had a lot of fun trying! I spent several days making lots of smoked salmon for all of us to enjoy this winter.

For our last hurrah before school started, we traveled up the road for our annual trek to Palmer and the Alaska State Fair. We love spending time in the Valley with Charlie and Kristen, and getting a chance to go to the Fair. My mom and dad, and Eric and Theresa with kids also went up for the weekend of fun! The Fair is always lots of fun for everyone and we spend the entire day there, from noon when the gate opens until after 10pm when they fireworks go off. The kids are great troopers and love it all...the rides, the food, the animals, and all the little shops. This year Ethan took Grandpa up on his challenge of being flung high on the giant sling shot. What a ride! As the giant rubber band shot him up in the air, we could see the terror on his face and a look of, "What did I get myself into??" He was all smiles though when he got off and loved the thrill of the ride!

Sunday evening we arrived home late and started school the next morning...and away we go for our school year! Thankfully I had our schedule together and was ready to begin despite the lateness of the night before. Our first week was great and everyone seemed to enjoy getting back to a school routine.
First day of school
Nothing like cutting short our first week of school though as Steve and I took off Thursday evening for a church staff retreat across the bay. We were both reeling from our busy week of school and work, and not quite sure we felt up to "getting away"...but we decided that we probably really needed it. The retreat was a refreshing time with family and friends who are all part of our church leadership...and we were ever so glad we went!

This past week hasn't been quite so busy, but still full with school and work. Our growing season is slowing down, but the garden is still producing and needing our attention. The freezer is packed so full that we can't get another thing in it...I think we might turn green this winter with all the veggies in the freezer. It's probably just as well that Steve didn't get a moose this week when he went hunting for a couple days...what would we have done with it?? Moose meat in the freezer would have been great though, I certainly wouldn't have complained! Steve had fun hiking and staying out at the cabin despite the fact that the moose were scarce.

Birthday and Anniversary celebrations are happening every two weeks this fall! Tyler got to celebrate his 11th birthday up in Palmer with family on September 4. Steve and I are celebrating our 16th Anniversary today! He surprised me with roses when he came home from work today! Ethan and Adams are looking forward to their birthdays coming up in just a few short weeks.