Friday, February 12, 2010

And the weeks pass by...

Wow! Where does the time go? Even my kids comment on how fast time flies in the winter when we are busy with our noses in the books and then thankfully summer goes by much slower! We have had a winter without a lot of snow and recently with all the snow the rest of the United States has been getting, Alaska has been warm and lacking in snow. The other day we had a whopping 43 degrees at our place...felt like a heatwave! The kids said they didn't need to wear hats and gloves was too warm! Alaskan kids for sure!

Ethan has continued with snaring rabbits and has managed to catch a couple more. I fixed rabbit stew for dinner and most of the kids thought it was okay. It was a little rubbery, but not bad for wild game.

Last week Steve gathered the four oldest kids and taught a small engine class. They took apart a Honda single cylinder engine, found the problem, and put it all back together. It was a pressure sprayer that hadn't worked for over 5 years...when they got finished with it and pull started the engine, it roared to life! Needless to say they were all amazed! So now Ethan and Tyler think they can fix anything if they just take it apart! Today they pushed their old snowmachine in the shop to see if they could take it apart and get it running. I think they just loved getting covered from head to toe in grease! They got it all put back together, and it started, but is still running rough. Guess they gotta figure out something else!

Ann Marie and Kailee are working on a quilting project for school. Each Friday they spend the afternoon with my mom, each making their own quilt. Ann Marie is making a twin size quilt for her bed. It is bright and beautiful, made out of batiks! Kailee is making a lap quilt with browns and blue greens. My mom got a couple inexpensive sewing machines for the girls to use, sewing boxes with supplies, and they picked out fabric. Their sewing ability has improved greatly and they are loving the project! Thanks Grandma! (I'll post pictures when they are finished.)

Well, the next two weeks should be even busier than usual...Tyler, Kailee, Alyssum, and Adams all have swim lessons everyday. They are so excited to get to go swimming everyday! It will wear them out, that's for sure!