Friday, May 4, 2012

New place and the garden grows!

In February we moved from Palawan to Luzon.  We are located in Dasmarinas, Cavite, just outside of Manila.  Until August we are helping Home of Joy Orphanage with their agriculture projects.  We are living on Jabez Christian Center grounds which not only has Home of Joy, but also Jabez Christian School, and Jabez Camp.  It is a busy place with 100 students in the school, almost 30 small children at the Home of Joy, and the comings and goings of groups at the camp.

Steve's job is to keep the garden growing and pass along what he has learned about sustainable agriculture and ways to improve the soil to make healthier plants and vegetables.  Within a week of our arrival over 200 volunteers planted the garden.  This plan was already set in motion before we ever arrived so Steve just sat back and watched as the garden took shape! 

Now the work began...hours and hours of watering to keep the garden growing...and it is the beginning of summer...the hot and dry season!  There are a couple guys who also help in the garden so the work is shared among them all.

Under Steve's care the garden has really taken off!  So wonderful to see so many vegetables growing for the Home of Joy to use to feed their children.  Anything extra is sold and at this point, the profit goes back into the garden.

Our kids have also been very helpful in the garden...weeding, watering, putting mulch on the rows, and just helping in whatever way is  needed.

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